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Centre for Environmental Data and Recording (CEDaR)

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CEDaR, Centre for Environmental Data and Recording, is the Local Records Centre for Northern Ireland, and facilitates the collection, collation, management and dissemination of biodiversity and geodiversity information for Northern Ireland and its coastal waters.

CEDaR is a partnership between Northern Ireland Environment Agency, National Museums Northern Ireland and the recording community of Northern Ireland.

Many individuals and groups within the recording community are members of the Environmental Recorder’s Group (ERG). Those individuals and organisations who directly supply CEDaR with their records to store on its databases are known as satellite sites – there are more than twenty such sites.

One of CEDaR’s core objectives is to facilitate recording projects or initiatives, normally five each year. These projects are typically partnerships between a number of funders and members of the wider recording community.

CEDaR uses Recorder 6 to hold all terrestrial and freshwater records.
CEDaR currently holds the following number of records: 

Terrestrial and freshwater: 2,044,147 (on Recorder 6)
Marine: 136,029 (on Marine Recorder)
Other databases: 17,000+

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Latest News

Find out all the latest news from CEDaR.

Data Enquiries

Information on how to access the data held by CEDaR can be found in the Information Service section of this website.


Training and Events

Please check the Training and Events page for details of upcoming events.

Grant Scheme - ERG Fund

Applications are now closed. This grant is available to members of the Environmental Recorder’s Group. Membership of ERG is free. Find out how to join the Environmental Recorders' Group.


CEDaR 20th Anniversary

Find out more about CEDaR's 20th Anniversary events. Book the CEDaR Conference now!

Bat Enquiries

CEDaR provides help and advice about bats. Enquiries range from a general interest to dealing with fear of bats, requests for talks and advice on the bats or their roosts.



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