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Fulton House

Fulton House, Ulster American Folk Park collectionThe Fulton Stone House was the home of Samuel Fulton who emigrated from County Donegal in Ireland in the early 1700s to settle in the township of Donegal Springs in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

At that time Donegal Springs was a remote frontier outpost inhabited mainly by settlers from west Ulster. Between 1725 and 1750, Samuel Fulton built this one and half storey stone house, using the field stones he found on his land, a method of building with which he had been familiar in Ireland.

Fulton House, Ulster American Folk Park collectionThe Fulton family, like many others, owned livestock and grew a variety of crops such as wheat, flax and rye. Their diet would also have included wild game and native fruits and vegetables, which were plentiful in the area.

Samuel Fulton's holding of 309 acres, known as Fulton's Pleasure, passed to his son James after his death in 1760. The Fulton family continued to occupy the land at East Donegal until 1778, when it was sold to David Cooke.

Fulton House, Ulster American Folk Park collectionThe Folk Park acquired the Fulton Stone House in 1997.  It was dismantled, stone by stone, before being shipped to the museum, where it has since been re-erected and furnished with artifacts appropriate to its period.

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