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Blacksmiths Forge

Blacksmiths Forge, Ulster American Folk Park CollectionThe country blacksmith was of vital importance to the agricultural community, both as a farrier who shod and cared for horses and as a manufacturer and repairer of agricultural implements.

The forge reproduced in the Folk Park is typical of those which were once found throughout rural Ulster. 


Blacksmiths Forge, Ulster American Folk Park CollectionThe layout of the forge is fairly simple. The hearth stands against the gable wall away from the door and the draught for the fire is provided by large hand-operated bellows.

The blacksmith hammers the red hot metal into shape on the anvil (pictured above), which is mounted on a wooden block to absorb the impact. Under the hearth is a water trough in which the smith cools his irons - the water in the trough was said to be a cure for warts (click images to enlarge).


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