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Jan Baptist Weenix (1621-c.1660/63)

Jan Baptist Weenix 1621. BELUM U194Weenix, who came from Amsterdam, was one of the most versatile of the 'Dutch Italianate' landscape painters, so called because of their admiration for Italy and their continuous use of Italianate motifs in their pictures.

Weenix's output included genre scenes, still life, portraiture, Italian harbour views and scenes of the Campagna (the open countryside around Rome). These latter remain his best-known works.

This painting of shepherds and flocks bathed in the golden glow of evening light has both Italian and Dutch overtones, the former shown by the classical ruins and the light effects, the latter by the homely peasant types and down-to-earth details like the cattle mating in the background.

Image above: Jan Baptist Weenix (1621) Shepherds and Flocks among Classical Ruins. BELUM 194. Click to enlarge.

Donated by Miss A.P. Norris (per Portstewart Urban District Council), 1941.

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