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2018 News from the CEDaR Team

15 August 2018

Divers contribute to monitoring marine litter

Divers contribute to monitoring marine litter - News ArticleMonitoring marine litter is vital for identifying it's source and tackling the problem. We have analysed litter records collected by Seasearch divers to assess how this previously untapped dataset might provide additional information to support research.

You can read the full report here: Seasearch Marine Litter Records 2018 (pdf 2.29mb)


For more details contact Sally Stewart-Moore sally.stewart-moore@nmni.com

Photo Credit: Phil Wilkinson


1 May 2018

National Plant Monitoring Scheme


Volunteers are being sought to monitor wild flower and plant populations across Northern Ireland.

The National Plant Monitoring Scheme is an important UK-wide survey to assess habitats and ecosystems, as well as species and diversity.

We generally have a good understanding of changes in the populations of birds, butterflies and bats. However, plants are the foundation of habitats and ecosystems, yet currently we do not have a good measure of changes in plant populations across the country.

CEDaR and NIEA are joining forces to roll out this initiative in Northern Ireland. All the information you need to take part in this monitoring scheme will be provided and you will be guided through the process.

For more details, and to find out which squares are available near you, log on to the National Plant Monitoring Scheme website or contact pauline.campbell@nmni.com