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CEDaR - submitting records

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You can submit your biological records to CEDaR in a variety of formats, including spread-sheets, recording cards, database files or via CEDaR Online Recording. There is a network of local experts who will help you to verify your records and decide if any rare or uncommon sightings are correct.

CEDaR Online Recording

Please refer to the links below for all the options available on CEDaR Online Recording. There are forms for adding a single species or a list of species for a site. There are also forms that are designed for specific species groups or projects. If you have any questions or feedback about this facility please email CEDaR, cedar.records@nmni.com.

Paper-based recording cards

Recording forms which may be of a general (wildlife) or specific (lichens or orchids) nature. You may wish to contact us about constructing project specific cards.

Excel spread-sheets

You may wish to send an Excel spread-sheet with your records. Please be sure to include:

•           What species you recorded

•           The name of the site or location

•           The grid reference

•           The date

•           Your name

•           You may also wish to add a comment about what you saw.

A recording sheet is available for download as a pre-formatted Excel spread-sheet - CEDaR Records Submission sheet.

All records sent to CEDaR are checked for accuracy, for example, that the site and grid reference ‘match’. In the case of an uncommon or unexpected sighting, CEDaR has a network of local verifiers (experts) who can be called upon to decide if the record is correct. Who knows, you may have recorded a very rare species, or your record may be of the first Irish sighting!

If you wish to obtain records, please contact CEDaR to discuss, or complete an Information Request Form.