• CEDaR - submitting records

CEDaR - submitting records

Submitting Records to CEDaR

All biological records submitted to CEDaR are verified by local experts, stored on our databases and made available to view on the NBN Atlas Northern Ireland.

You can submit your records in a variety of formats:


cedar submit single record 200x140CEDaR Online Recording

Read an overview of how to use the CEDaR Online Recording website here.

Submit records for a single species or a list of species to us online using the CEDaR Online Recording website.

Data submitted to CEDaR Online Recording is governed by the following Terms and Conditions.




Submit records in the field, using the iRecord app:





You may send us a spreadsheet including a list of records.

Complete the CEDaR Records Submission sheet or send your own sheet which includes the following information:

CEDAR NIEA Recording spreadsheet

  • Species name
  • Location name
  • Grid reference or Lat/Long
  • Date
  • Your name
  • Comments

Send your completed spreadsheet by email to cedar.records@nmni.com