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CEDar Damian 144x200Dr Damian McFerran, Records Centre Manager

Responsible for: Collection, collation, management and dissemination of environmental data for Northern Ireland and its coastal waters.

Deals with enquiries regarding: Environmental recording activities that relate to Northern Ireland. Maintains the membership details for ERG and associated duties. Bat enquiries.


CEDar Michael 144x200Michael McCourt, CEDaR Support Officer

Responsible for: Application of CEDaR databases to assist with the collation and dissemination of environmental records. Dealing with Information Requests received by CEDaR. Bat enquiries

Deals with enquiries regarding: Information Requests, Bat enquiries.


CEDar Sally 144x200Sally Stewart-Moore, Marine Data Officer

Responsible for: Maintaining and developing the flow of marine biodiversity data between CEDaR, data providers and users. Maintaining data holdings on a Marine Recorder database and responding to Information Requests for marine data. Promoting marine environmental recording.

Deals with enquiries regarding: Marine data flow; the maintenance and roll out of Marine Recorder database; information requests for marine data; maintenance and development of seal database

CEDar Niamh 144x200Niamh Carmichael, Species Surveillance Officer

Deals with enquiries regarding: protected species; monitoring and surveillance of European Protected Species and Northern Ireland Priority Species; reporting to statutory bodies Responsible for: Developing the collection and use of species data in Northern Ireland.  Managing, maintaining and co-ordinating analytical and surveillance related projects for protected species in Northern Ireland.  Protected species monitoring and reporting.  Advising NIEA on protected species monitoring and the use of biological records to inform conservation assessments of protected species in Northern Ireland. Developing Northern Ireland priority species lists.


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