• PoMS UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme

PoMS UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme



Our pollinators are increasingly under threat, with one third of our bees in Ireland threatened with extinction. To supplement All-Ireland Pollinator Plan actions, there is a growing need to collect information to better understand population trends and impacts to these precious species.

We are delighted to share news that Northern Ireland is now joining the UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme (PoMS) in order to increase our knowledge and take steps to prevent further species declines.

PoMS focuses on bees and hoverflies, and aims to establish how pollinator populations are changing. The scheme is broken up into two survey types.

Flower-Insect Timed Counts (FIT Count) Counting all insects that land on target flowers within a 50x50cm patch during 10 minute period, identifying to group level, at any location.

Intensive survey of pollinators using pan-traps Structured monitoring of selected 1km2 squares, a subset of National Plant Monitoring Scheme squares, using pan-trap.

If you would like to contribute to this survey, be a citizen scientist! We would welcome your help. Further information can be found at the following links, or contact pauline.campbell@daera-ni.gov.uk




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