How to take part

All the information you need for how to take part in the "What's In Your Pond" survey.

Step 1. Download our survey form below or if you are representing a school looking to take part then contact us directly at the details below:

Step 2. Find a Pond

You can look in your garden or school pond, your local park or one in the countryside.  Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a pond as you might still find frogs and newts so have a look and let us know. Make sure you have the land owners’ permission if you are looking for ponds on private land.

Step3. What to look for?

Once you find a pond, we would like you to look for signs of frogs or newts. You can walk around the edge during the day to search for signs of the common frog or at night for smooth newts. You can do one or both it is up to you. If you do go out at night make sure you have torches and don’t go alone.

Step 4. Tell us what you found

For more information contact: or 028 9042 8428