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About National Museums NI

We are a transparent and open organisation and we publish a great deal of information about what we do on this website. However, there may be other issues about which you would like further information and in this part of our website we explain how you can get such information.

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National Museums NI are Northern Ireland’s premier cultural, learning, and tourist destinations. Our three museums are home to 20,000 works of art, over a million plant, animal, and geological specimens, and tens of thousands of precious objects that together tell the story of human settlement in Ireland—a collection that has been carefully assembled over two centuries.

Each of our museums offers a unique experience.

Ulster Museum tells the unique human story of this part of Ireland, and houses a vast array of art, historical artefacts and specimens from the natural world.

Ulster Folk & Transport Museum is a museum of two distinct parts. The first, an experience of life over 100 years ago. The second, one of the most comprehensive transport collections in Europe.

Ulster American Folk Park offers an exploration of the human drama behind emigration from the thatched cottages of Ulster to the new world homesteads of the American frontier.

Corporate information

In 1973 National Heritage introduced the first annual awards for museums and galleries based in the UK. This award is now sponsored by the Art Fund and is the largest arts award in the UK. In 1983 the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum was awarded the National Heritage Museum of the Year and in 2010 the Ulster Museum was awarded the Art Fun Prize. A full list of recipients of this prestigious award can be found on the National Heritage website.