Dr Greer Ramsey

Curator of Archaeology

  • Department: History
  • Email address: greer.ramsey@nmni.com

Core responsibilities:

Greer’s role covers the entire archaeological collections which span the time when people first arrived in Ireland (around 8000 BC) - up until the later Medieval period (around AD 1600).

The role includes the recording and identification of finds made by members of the public and dealing with ‘Treasure’ items in the Coroner’s court.

Staff background:

Greer did both his archaeology degrees at Queen’s, with a PhD studying Bronze Age metalwork. His first job in the sector was at Fermanagh County Museum in Enniskillen and then for over 20 years in Armagh County Museum before joining National Museums NI.

Greer is always up for giving talks on the collections ranging from Bronze Age gold work to the Vikings.  He has also appeared on several television programmes ‘rubbing shoulders’ with the likes of Dan Snow and Prof. Alice Roberts!

Among the more unusual projects he has tackled was devising the menu and demonstrations for an event entitled ‘A taste of Prehistory’ in the Ulster Museum which included a musical recital on ancient Bronze Age horns. The musical theme also inspired his most academic publication! - ‘A Breath of Fresh Air: Rectal Music in Gaelic Ireland’ in Archaeology Ireland, 16 (2002), pp.22-23.

Greer’s role in dealing with finds made by members of the public have resulted in the display of some superb items in the Ulster Museum including Bronze Age gold jewellery and a medieval bell from Co. Tyrone which feature in these short videos.

Staff interests:

"Gone fishing, back soon..."

Greer is always happy to point out that he is rarely inspired to draw except when leaving child-like sketches of a set of skis or fishing rods over his computer screen along with a date for his return from his favourite pastimes. 

Behind the scenes blogs


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