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The Ulster Museum, Ulster Folk Museum, Ulster Transport Museum and Ulster American Folk Park are all reopened.  We’re looking forward to welcoming you back!  Pre-book your date and time slot online now.

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The Daimler Ambulance

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This lovely little Corgi Collectable Daimler Ambulance was donated yesterday (24th January 2019) by Michele from Belfast. It couldn’t have come at a better time as just the day before we placed our full-size Daimler ambulance on display in the Tram Gallery for the first time ever!

Image: Corgi Collectable Daimler Ambulance HOYFM.2019.10.12
Corgi Collectable Daimler Ambulance HOYFM.2019.10.12

The Daimler ambulance was designed in the late 1940s as an early attempt to build a standard ambulance vehicle for the recently created National Health Service. The vehicle was designed to be as low as possible making it easier to get patients in and out. Almost 500 were built. Our example was donated on behalf of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service in 2016. It was previously restored and cared for by retired ambulance staff at Knockbracken on the outskirts of Belfast.

Visit the Road Gallery at the Ulster Transport Museum to see the ambulance in its new home.

Image: HOYFM.2016.1002