Training to be a curator of archaeology

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My name is Christine Farnié and I come from Paris. I’m doing a seven weeks internship at the National Museums NI as part of my training course to become a curator of archaeology in France. I’m currently working along with Greer Ramsey, Curator of Archaeology.

One of the projects involved updating and summarising information from excavations held by the museum. In one of these research files I came across this beautiful drawing of the site of “Murphy’s fort” excavated between 1948 and 1949.


It consists of a barrow (a mound of earth), c.25m in diameter which had been built over a pit, surrounded by a bank and an internal ditch. The pit contained numerous potsherds, a very small blue glass bead and the cremated bones of at least 4 individuals. The site has been dated to the Late Bronze Age.

I hope you like the drawing. À bientôt!