The Bailey Mountain Cloggers

The Bailey Mountain Cloggers have received 27 National Championships for their Southern Appalachian folk dance traditions. Students at Mars Hill University organized the Bailey Mountain Cloggers in 1974.

The Bailey Mountain name is derived from the mountain adjacent to the college campus originally owned by an Irish family. The clogging dance originated from the Irish and Scottish settlers of the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. These traditional dances blended with the Cherokee Indian dance forms, becoming a foot-tapping style dance to the down beat timing of the music.

The Bailey Mountain Cloggers are comprised of young adults from the University. During the 1980's Bailey Mountain began competition clogging and expanded its clog repertoire to include more than precision clog routines: Big Circle Smooth, Freestyle, Country Hoedown, Kentucky Running Set, Line Dance, Show, and Percussive dance routines today. Each year this long championship tradition recreates itself anew and showcases its traditional and contemporary dance routines in an annual clogging concert each spring.  These students serve as ambassador of goodwill for the college and the folk dance traditions of the Southern Mountains.  The Bailey Mountain Cloggers Folk Dance Company has established a national and international reputation for American clog dance excellence and we are delighted to host them once again at our Festival.