Ice Age

Gallery: Ulster Museum / Nature / Ice Age

Glaciers and landscapes

Ireland has been covered by ice sheets many times in the past 2 million years. Many features of its landscape were moulded or modified by glaciers. ‘Drumlin’ and ‘esker’ are Irish names used for glacial features all around the world. Visit the Ice Age gallery to discover what they are and where you can see them.

Ice Age beasts

At the edges of the ice sheets, and during warmer periods, unfamiliar animals roamed the landscape. The bones and teeth of mammoths and musk ox, brown bears and wild boars, and even hyaenas and hippos, have all been found at sites across Ireland and are displayed in the gallery. When you visit make sure you don’t miss the huge mammoth tusk by the stairs down from the Deep Time gallery, and the awesome antlers of the giant deer.