Dunluce Castle

Location: Ulster Transport Museum / Rail & Road Galleries / Rail Gallery

LMS NCC London Midland and Scottish Railway Northern Counties Committee 4-4-0 steam locomotive No74 'Dunluce Castle'. Dunluce Castle was one of a series of 5 of its class built by the North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow at a cost of £5238 and were delivered in 1924.

The engine drivers, who liked them, called them the ‘Scotch Engines’. No. 74 pulled fast trains between Belfast and the north east, including the Larne boat trains. It had clocked up 1,135,484 miles (1,827,384 kms) when it retired in 1963.

Image: Dunluce Castle - HOYFM.274.1990
Dunluce Castle - HOYFM.274.1990