Eason's Newsagent Kiosk

Location: Ulster Transport Museum / Rail & Road Galleries / Rail Gallery

Where can you see the Eason's Newsagent Kiosk?

In the Irish Rail Collection gallery in the Ulster Transport Museum, Cultra.

Which collection is the Eason's Newsagent Kiosk part of?

Rail transport.

Why is the Eason's Newsagent Kiosk so important?

Railway travel was more comfortable and affordable than previous modes of transport. More people travelled than ever before and, whilst travelling, they wanted to read books and newspapers.

A new generation of educated adults who had learned to read and write in the National Schools system, introduced in 1831, were hungry for literature.

The railway network linked cities to the capital with fast, express services and national newspapers were born. Trains could now deliver newspapers printed that day to the local bookstalls across the country - hot off the press!

Like John Menzies in Scotland and WH Smith in England, Charles Eason sold and distributed newspapers before he set up railway bookstalls. Before long, every busy railway station in Ireland had an Eason’s bookstall.

Eason’s grew to become Ireland’s favourite newsagent, providing affordable books, newspapers and guidebooks for regular travellers.

Businesses are always looking for better ways to grab public attention. Railway stations became the perfect place to promote their wares. Eason’s cornered the market by providing enamel signs and charging an annual fee which they shared with the railway companies.

What should you look out for?

Look out for the Sawer’s Fish enamel sign on the outside of the kiosk. If you look closely at the bottom right-hand corner of this sign you will see it was made for Eason’s.