Model T Ford

Location: Ulster Transport Museum / Rail & Road Galleries / Car Gallery

This particular car was purchased by Major Cochrane of Greencastle, Co. Donegal from John H. Buchanan, owner of the Alexander Motor Company, Great James Street, Derry/Londonderry in 1911.

Major Cochranes order was for a “Ford car, 1911, as per catalogue- £190.” He also specified he wanted a model with “high-sided doors” at an extra cost of £7 10s (£7.50). When delivered the car did not have the correct doors as specified in Major Cochrane’s order. A replacement car was offered but it is not known whether or not the offer was accepted.

This car was built in the USA in 1911 and imported from the USA. It pre-dates the introduction of Ford’s moving production-line which explains why it is not black.