The Schooner Result

Location: Ulster Transport Museum

Where can you see this sailing ship on display?

Outside the Dalchoolin Galleries at the Ulster Transport Museum

Which collection is this ship part of?

Sea Transport

Why is this sailing ship so important?

The Result is a type of sailing ship known as a ‘three masted schooner’. She was built in 1893 in the Carrickfergus shipyard by the yard’s famous owner, Paul Rodgers. Result is the last remaining Carrickfergus built ship and outlived the hundreds of schooners and other small sailing ships which were once of such importance to coastal communities.

Over a long working life of 74 years Result became one of the best known and most successful schooners in the coastal and home trades. She was widely recognised as a fast sailing and profitable vessel with graceful lines.

Her trading career was interrupted by a brief spell serving in the Royal Navy during the First World War. Result was turned into a Q-ship and had armament hidden aboard to surprise and attack German U-boats. She fought three U-boats during her short naval career, and after being hit by a shell during her last battle she almost sank.

Result also featured in the 1951 Carol Reed film ‘Outcast of the Islands’. Naval action and film career aside, Result continued to carry cargoes until 1967, being the last ship of her type still working in British and Irish waters.

Result has been described as the finest small sailing ship to have ever been built in these Isles and due to her significance, she was acquired by the museum in 1970 and transported from Belfast to the Cultra site in 1979. Her importance is signified by being listed in the UK Historic Ships Register of Core Collection vessels.

What should you look out for when you go to see this sailing ship?

Look out for the ship’s large anchors, which are on display underneath the bow.