Out & about

If you can’t make it to a museum, we’ll bring it to you! Out & About connects our collections with communities across Northern Ireland – so you can get hands-on with art, history and science.

Objects from our collections tell powerful stories. They inspire awe, creativity and innovation. They can also stir emotions, change perspectives and challenge perceptions.

We want as many people as possible to experience this, whether they can visit one of our museums or not. We also want to use our collections to support positive social change. To enhance wellbeing and bring people together.

That’s why we created the Out & About project – to open up all three of our museums and their collections to communities across Northern Ireland.

What is Out & About?

The project gives members of the public the chance to experience collections and their stories up close, within their own community. You’ll get a chance to talk with our curators, and find out why our collections are so important and how we work with them.

The programme consists of:

  • Outreach: Collections-based activities including roadshows and handling workshops
  • Collaborative projects: Co-curated art exhibitions, workshops and community exhibition

At National Museums, we’re committed to listening to local communities to find out what they want from museums. We want to build meaningful and sustainable relationships with local communities. And we want to work in partnership with community groups.

For more information on future initiatives or to get involved, email us  or call 028 9039 5161. You can also check our Facebook page for news on events near you.