Find out how we use research at National Museums NI and how you can access our collections.

Research into the collections forms the foundations for everything we do at National Museums NI. Whether involving our curators or collaborative partners (e.g. Universities), research increases our knowledge and understanding of the specimens in our care.  We aim to use the outcomes of our research to inspire and engage audiences through exhibition content and outreach but also to inform how the museum’s collections develop over time.

Research is also recognised as a vital tool for museums to move beyond being traditional repositories of “things” and to modernise their outlook and approach.  We believe research using our collections, often in partnership with others, can improve how our museums contribute to debates about contemporary society. 

Whilst research has always been important, we believe that integrating research outcomes into what National Museums does will provide a better experience for our visitors.

Temporary Closure of Ulster Folk Museum Textiles stores

At the end of June 2021 the textile stores at the Ulster Folk Museum will be closing until the 31st March 2023. The closure will facilitate the movement of the collections to newer, and more accessible, stores within the Ulster Folk Museum site.

During this time the collections will not be accessible to members of the public or researchers.   We appreciate this will be inconvenient but the new facilities will improve how we accommodate access requests in the future. If you have any questions about the closure then please email National Museums NI’s research coordinator.

If you are interested in accessing our collections to undertake research then please follow the links below.