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Day Dress


colour : white. design : c/b opening hook fastening plain stand up collar comprising machine embroidered inset, trefoil motifs between bands of white muslin each with one fine machine tuck. The bodice front has a rectangular neck inset with fine close parallel tucks bounded by embroiderd band as on collar. On either side of this inset an embroidered band runs from chest to waistband at a slight angle. Between these the front bodice is gathered to waistband. There are vertical tucks from shoulder to top of angled bands and from bottom of neck inset. Waistband comprises two embroidered bands. The long narrow set in sleeves are tucked horizontally in groups of three and five tucks and have embroidered band at cuff with hooked opening. Back bodice is worked as the front except that shoulder below inset tucks extendto waistband with no angled bands. The fullness of the flared skirt is attached to waistband by vertical tucks at sides and back, deep machine embroidered scalloped edge muslin flounce is attached to an embroidered band at the bottom of skirt. This flounce has floral padded and geometric motifs with cut-work. condition : good. worn by donor's sister who was in London from Austria for King George V's cornation