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Boucher corset


colour : gold. design : bodice in the form of an C18th corset, with c/f panel having a coloured print of a Boucher painting of lovers, the rest of corset is stretch gold lame with shoulder straps of thickly applied gold on brown. Label 'Vivienne/Westwood/MadE in England' with globe and crown trademark, yellow on red Label text: In the early 1980s Vivienne Westwood began to study archive costume collections and to use features of historic costume in her work. Her 'Mini-Crini' collection was indluenced by crinolines of the 1800s. In this outfit she has produced an almost exact copy of a typical corset from the 1700s. The 'Boucher' print and the velvet and gold leggings successfully combine to display the opulence of a past time, while using contemporary fabrics.

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