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Baggy 'pirate' trousers of fine soft plain weave cotton fine pyjama stripes of black, grey and red, backed with coarse white muslin. The body is cut like 18thc. breeches at back, cut on bias with high waist fitted with half self belt with silver metal double pronged buckly and central selft belt loop. The fronts, cut on straight, extend round to back hip and over side hips there are round edged set in pockets. The centre front zip is covered by fly front and also by a second 'fly' which is an extension of the deep doubled over waistband and extends to the crotch. The doubled over side of the waistband hides a button hole which fastens to a black plastic button on the other end of waistband. The lower c.10cm of legs are french seamed and can turn back to form cuffs. Label woven yellow on brown, 'Worlds/end/mclaren/westwood/Born in ENGLAND'

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