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Barrel Construction (1964)


Born in Toronto, Canada, Rabinowitch now divides his time between New Yokr, Cambridge and Dublin. Since the early nineteen eighties he has exhibited widely throughout Europe and is represented in important public and private collections in several countries. Writing about his barrel constructions, Rabinowitch commented that in them he was concerned to explore changing relationships of forms one with another in space and time. In particular he wished to make the spectator aware of the precise nature of the space or volume determined by each construction - the clearly recognisable elements of which ensure that one is always aware of its original purpose - as it might unfold in space and, by implication, in time; the transient nature of the latter element being, he felt, emphasised by the apparently casual nature of each composition. Like all of Rabinowitch's works, the barrel constructions evoke a strong lyrical feeling.