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Bog Oak brooch


design : in form of an Irish harp with carved bog oak frame, twisted gilt wire strings and decoration of three gilt set pearls (presumably Irish river pearls) in form of shamrock on harp soundbox. The frame is broken in two places and has been successfully mended by a staple in one place and unsuccessfully by glue and wire bind in the other.

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Quality Guarantee

National Museums NI’s Picture Library provides quality prints from our art, history and science collections. Featured collections include the Harland & Wolff Titanic photographs, the Welch photographs taken of Belfast in the early 1900’s and our extensive range of William Conor images from our art collection.
“Photographic quality digital prints” from original archive material are printed on premium semi-gloss photographic paper, weighing 251 g/m2. This high specification paper ensures prints are ideal for framing and hanging in your home or office.

Print sizes are 10” x 8“ and 20” x 16”. Some prints will vary from these sizes depending on the original format dimensions. 
Once payment has been received your print(s) will be dispatched within 10 working days.