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Cup and Saucer


Belleek Neptune Shell Cup and Saucer. Green Belleek Mark. Fine Porcelain with yellow lustre. Received from donor in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Donor was given this cup and saucer by an elderly lady whose family roots were in Ireland. She does not know when the immigration happened in her family as the lady didn't care to talk much about her past. She does know that the cup and saucer belonged to this lady’s mother. She is not sure of the lady’s family surname. She does know that she immigrated to Chicago, Illinois before she married her first husband, and migrated further west to Colorado after losing him. She had since remarried, by the time the donor met her, with her second husband already having passed away. She knew the lady would have been thrilled to know that she was sending the O'Doherty bottle and Belleek pieces back to Ireland. The lady was unable to send them back herself. She says the lady held dear the things from her mother and had mentioned some names such as Kirkland, Kilpatrick, and Metcalf, but she was ‘a cagey little lady’ and the donor was unable to pin the names to anyone.