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Folding map mounted in sections on cloth.. A / NEW MAP / OF IRELAND HAVING THE GREAT FEATURES OF THE COUNTRY / DESCRIBED IN A MANNER HIGHLY EXPRESSIVE, AND THE DISTANCES BETWEEN THE TOWNS & STAGES, / MARKED IN MILES AND FURLONGS / FOR THE USE OF TRAVELLERS / BY ALEXANDER TAYLOR / LIEUTENANT IN HIS MAJESTY'S ROYAL ENGINEERS. Hand colouring has been added at county boundaries and at some towns as indicated in the Key. Key to references, including coloured markings of Infantry and Cavalry Barracks and numbers of privates in each. Beside latitude markings at right side are written names of English and European cities and towns located at same latitude. In another cartouche is a dedication to John, Earl of Westmorland, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Beside this dedication is inscribed "Creed Scrip." and below the cartouche "I.I. Baralet inv. et del." and "I Collyer Sculp.".

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