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purse, ivory


Ivory purse with 2 silver bands decorated in relief with filigree and a central motif with initials, C. F. R engraved. Silver frame opens with a push button. 4 compartments lined with purple synthetic fabric, one secured with clasp is engraved, 'BREVETE, S.G.D.G. Breveté (or brevete without the accent as most sellers write it) means patented in French. "Breveté" indicates that the design incorporates one or more patents. "S.G.D.G." (Sans garantie du Gouvernement) is a disclaimer required by the government of France stating that it does not guarantee enforcement of the claimed patent. It means 'Without any guarantee from the Government' (Sans Garantie Du Governement) and was by law required to be stamped on ALL objects with a legal patent from 1844 until 1968, especially those manufactured for export.