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A patchwork and appliqued bedcover, machine stitched in blocks of the 'Ribbon and Tulip' or 'Tulip' pattern,of peach -coloured and green plain cotton on a black cotton background. Each block or unit of pattern measures 39 cm square, with four pieced tulip heads arranged diagonally in the square. The blocks are joined by bands of green cotton sashing 9 cm wide with a contrast peach -coloured square inset at each of the intersections. The quilt blocks are arranged in 4 rows of 4 blocks each across the quilt, with an outer border of plain green cotton 9cm wide. The quilt backing is a patchwork of wool blanket and dress weight wool fabrics, in shades of vermillion green which have the appearance of having been home -dyed. Quilted all over, by hand, in a square diamond pattern, worked in running stitch in black cotton thread. The edges are bound with a narrow band of pieced red, and peach cotton, secured to the backing with hand stitching.