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A patchwork and appliqued becover, machine stitched in a very unusual stylised 'bird' pattern. The becover or quilt is comprised of sixteen repeating blocks of pattern, arranged in four rows of four squares each. The applique blocks are 39 cms square, of plain black cotton with a 'bird' motif in faded dull red cotton machine stitched on each one in black cotton thread, placed centrally. The appliqued blocks are joined by bands of sashing 9cm wide, with contrast squares at each intersection. The long sashing bands are of dull red cotton with som bands pieced in several shades of red to make up the length. The contrast squares are a mix of dark grey/green cotton and leaf green cotton. The backing is a patchwork of large sections of woollen blanket fabric, machine pieced, with some evidence of hand sewn patches and darning. The backing is is a bright vermillion green, the shading and uneven colouring is suggestive of home dyeing. The bedcover is quilted all over in a square diamond pattern hand sewn using running stitch in black cotton thread. The quilt edges are bound with black cotton fabric, hand stitched.