A patchwork bedcover (quilt), hand pieced 'template' style of Turkey red, and plain white cotton. Pieced in a series of units or 'blocks' each 35 cm square, arranged in a symmetrical pattern of four rows by four, joined by bands of 'sashing' 6 cm wide, of plain red fabric. The quilt has a border 14 cm wide of plain red cotton, all around. Each block of patchwork is pieced of 37 individual pieces of cloth in a pattern known as 'Capital T'. The bedcover is backed with plain white cotton, hand pieced in two main widths with a narrow piece along one edge and some evidence of patching. The quilt edge is bound with plain white cotton, hand sewn in place and later topstitched by machine. Quilted all over in hand sewn running stitch in a pattern known as 'wave' quilting, a series of chevron lines worked approximately 2cms apart. The bedcover has no wadding or interlining.