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COVID-19 Update

Our museums are currently closed due to the continuing situation with Coronavirus.

Click below for the latest update in relation to our museums and the Covid-19 situation.

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A patchwork bedcover, pieced in a 'Log Cabin' pattern. The patchwork squares or 'blocks' have been machine stitched using black, and white, cotton thread to foundation sqaures of what appears to be flour bag cotton fabric. The blocks have been joined in 11 rows of 11,machine stitched in a random arrangement, whith some hand sewn tacking stitches in white cotton visible on the outer squares around the quilt. The patchwork is a mixture of wools, cottons and plain and printed velvet,mostly dress or suit fabrics with a few pieces of furnishing weight. Each block is pieced in the 'Courthouse Steps' arrangement of Log Cabin design, with narrow (2 cm wide ) strips of fabric stitched in pairs around opposite sides of a central square. The central squares are a variety of fabrics and colours ,from blue or brown wools to red plush velvet. The quilt is obviously unfinished and has no additional backing, or edging.