Collar, needlepoint lace


A shawl-style collar of flat needlepoint lace, worked by hand, in fine cotton thread. The pattern is made by working a series of densely packed buttonhole stitched motifs, set in a net-like ground of linking bars or 'brides'. This style of lace is also known as Youghal lace, being most commonly associated with the Presentation Convent in Youghal, Co. Cork. A lace making school was established at the convent in 1852 by Mother Mary Anne Smith, creating lace based on earlier Venetian and Brussels lace techniques. The best quality Irish needlepoint lace was made during the 1880s, using designs produced in Schools of Art in Cork, Dublin, and Waterford. Such lace was marketed by, amongst others, Mr Ben Lindsey of Grafton St. Dublin.