TAPA; Cloth : tapa figure


Small figure made from a vegetable fibre core within a sewn casing of tapa cloth. The figure has a large head and attenuated body. It is seated with the legs drawn up and the arms curving in front. It has nipples but is of indeterminate sex and is wearing a tapa loin - cloth.There are no fingers or toes represented although the heels protrude at the back. The eyes, of discs covered with tapa cloth, are inserted seperately and the wide grimacing mouth reveals teeth of folded over strips of tapa cloth. Inside the mouth can be seen the fibres from which it is made and the sewing of the tapa cloth has been done with narrow strips of the same material. Two ears of red woollen material are sewn on with tapa strips. The figure is decorated in black and orange. The forehead and top of the head has double spirals like eyes and a nose shape inbetween. The eyebrows are black and there are two javelin heads on the chest with a vulva symbol on the chest under the chin. A small piece of cord has been threaded through at the nape of the neck as if for suspension. Easter Island.