Visitor, staff or site research

If you would like to undertake museum visitor surveys or include our sites or staff in your research then please send an initial query to our research coordinator, Dr David Tosh. This should detail the following information:

  • Who you are and what institution (if applicable) you are associated with;
  • What you would like to do;
  • The reasons for your research (e.g. undergraduate research, for a book);
  • When you would like to undertake the work.

If you provide the above information, our research coordinator will consult with the appropriate staff and advise whether your request can be accommodated. If we can accommodate your request, we will require the researcher to provide further information about the project and require you to complete a researcher agreement.

Please also consider the information below when contacting us:

Timing of visit

Any researcher wishing to work with curators or on our sites should contact our research coordinator as soon as possible to ensure we can accommodate your request. Any request made with a short lead in time may lead to National Museums being unable to assist in your research.

If planning visitor based research please note that National Museums NI only allows one organisation to undertake on-site visitor research at a time in any of its sites. Please therefore ensure you give as much notice possible and have flexibility in regards to the dates you wish to do the work.

Visitor Interview questions

If proposing visitor surveys please note that all questions will require approval by National Museums NI before work can proceed. 


All researchers accessing our collections will do so in the knowledge that they will work under National Museums policy. Failure to adhere to NMNI policy will result in agreements being cancelled.

We encourage all researchers wishing to engage with our collections to be aware of National Museum's policies relating to research.  Please see our Collections policies and procedures for further information.


If your project requires institutional ethical approval then we will require a copy of approval before granting permission for your study. National Museums will use this as part of their assessment of the ethical implications of the work proposed. For further information on the guidance that informs National Museums’s approach to ethics please see our Ethics Policy.

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