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Filming & photography

Give your production the authentic texture and atmosphere it deserves by shooting on National Museums NI locations. We’ve rebuilt the past so you don’t have to.

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Ulster Museum

Located only a mile from the city centre the Ulster Museum is a landmark building in Belfast combining a neo classical façade constructed in the1920s with a brutalist façade from the early 1970s. Internally it is a contemporary museum with great gallery spaces.

It can provide a great backdrop for photoshoots with lots of interesting backdrops along with contemporary gallery spaces.


Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

The Folk Museum is the largest open air museum in Ireland. It recreates life from early 1900s Ulster.  With cobbled streets, red brick and white washed terraced houses, 3 churches, a pub, a drapers shop, a back, a corner shop, a dispensary,a hardware store and a cinema the town has everything you need to create scenes from the past. The rural area has white washed thatched cottages and a range of farm buildings.

 Located only 8 miles from Belfast city centre, close to Belfast City Airport and the studio spaces in Belfast it is in a very convenient location. The museum is open to the public 10am – 5pm but outside these times is secure and private,easing logistics.There is also extensive car parking on site.

Ulster American Folk Park

The Ulster American Folk Park has the largest collection of American Frontier buildings outside the USA. It combines an Irish area with thatched cottages, schools and churches with an American frontier area. Log cabins, barns, stone and brick homes from the American frontierall feature. Linking these areas we have the Ship and Dockside Gallery with a full scale replica of a ship that crossed the Atlantic in the early 1800s with replicas of both Irish and American Ports.

 Located 5 miles from Omagh, just over 70 miles from Belfast the Ulster American Folk Park provides a completely unique resource convenient to both Belfast and Dublin.

Please note: protecting the visitor experience is very important and while we do our best to accommodate film crews there are restrictions to protect both the visitor experience and the objects in our care. We can offer flexibility in the winter months when the museums are quieter.