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Open afternoons for over 50s

Free entry one Wednesday afternoon a month

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We offer free entry to the over 50s one Wednesday a month from noon at both the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum and the Ulster American Folk Park. General admission to the Ulster Museum is already free. 

  • Second Wednesday afternoon of the month: Ulster Folk & Transport Museum.
  • Third Wednesday afternoon of the month: Ulster American Folk Park.

The last offer for free entry at Ulster Folk Museum and Ulster Transport Museum is the 8th May and for the Ulster American Folk Park on the 15th May

Live Well workshops

There is a related programme of workshops, during the open afternoons in two of our museums, which is organised by the Big Lottery funded Live Well project. (It was formerly called Making Connections.)

This project is to encourage older people who don’t normally get the chance to visit museums, whether because of some kind of disadvantage (such as health) or barrier (such as cost).

Live Well workshops have limited numbers and are usually required to prioritise new visitors.

If you would like to take part contact one of the Live Well workers listed below.

Ulster Museum: first Wednesday afternoon of the month. Contact Susan Kelly (028 9044 0054 or Susan.Kelly@nmni.com) or Sharon McKibbin (028 9044 0101 or Sharon.McKibbin@nmni.com)

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum: second Wednesday afternoon of the month. Contact Suzanne Duncan (028 9039 5092 or Suzanne.Duncan@nmni.com) or Cathy Hanna (028 9039 5080 or Cathy.Hanna@nmni.com)