Frequently asked questions

Ulster Museum

Q. How long do we need to plan for our visit?
A. A booked Learning Programme lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. If you wish to have break before your lesson, please arrive early as your lesson will begin promptly at the time on your booking confirmation.

After your lesson, you are welcome to visit the Galleries for as long as you wish.

Q. Do you have somewhere we can eat break or lunch?
A. Yes, it is called the Grainger Room. You need to book this at the same time you book your Learning Programme. Otherwise we cannot guarantee you will be able to use it. There are no other eating spaces in the Museum. Food and drink are not allowed on the galleries.

During good weather, you are welcome to eat outside at the front of the Museum.

Q. Can we still come if we don't book a programme?
A. Yes, you are welcome to come for a self-guided visit but you still need to book. You may turn up on a very busy special event day. You will also need to book a space to eat lunch in the Grainger Room. You can get maps and trails at Reception on arrival or download some from Resources on our website.

Q. Can we visit the Discovery Centres?
A. Yes. However we cannot guarantee this as you may find they are closed for a booked group. If you really want to make a Discovery Centre experience an essential part of your visit we recommend that you book at an extra cost.

All the Discovery Centres close for lunch from 1.00pm – 2.00pm.

Q. How can we find out about special events?
A. Check our website before you book your visit. You will find details of dates and times exhibitions. Special exhibitions may have a charge.

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Q. How long does it take to visit the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum?
A. If you wish to see all of the Museum a full day is recommended. For shorter, more focussed visits the following times are suggested:

  • Transport Galleries  1-3 hours
  • Folk Galleries 1 hour
  • Town area 1-2 hours
  • Rural area 1-2 hours

Q. Do you have facilities to eat a packed lunch?
A. There are several areas in the Museum where packed lunches can be eaten and these should be booked in advance.  On fine days groups may picnic in many areas of the grounds. Packed lunches should not be eaten in any of the Museum’s tearooms or exhibit buildings.

Q. Do you have a tearoom?
A. There is a tearoom in the town area of the Folk Museum and in the Rail gallery on the Transport side.

Q. Are the buildings accessible for wheelchairs?
A. Due to the nature of the exhibit buildings there may be limited access. In some cases doorways are narrow and there may be steps at front doors. Some of the buildings also have stairs. The Folk and Transport Galleries do have wheelchair access throughout. There are adapted toilets around the site.

Q. Do you have Wi-Fi?
A. There are limited Wi-Fi signals in the Folk Museum e.g. the public tearoom and the Learning courtyard.

Q. Will we be the only school visiting that day?
A. No. It is likely that there will be other schools and visitors. You may check this information nearer to the time of your booking.  There are usually less schools visiting in December to March. Our busiest period is April to June.

Q. Do the students participate in all the hands-on workshops?
A. Due to time constraints, students will participate in one hands-on workshop which lasts approximately 1 hour.

Q. We are coming on a self-guided visit. How will we find out what’s on that day?
A. On arrival you can enquire from the Kiosk or reception desk staff what’s on that day or visit our What’s on guide.

Q. How much do the sweets cost in the Corner shop?
A. 2 ounces of sweets costs 70p and 4 ounces  is £1.40

Ulster American Folk Park

Q. Are all learning groups self-guided?
A. All visits to the Ulster American Folk Park are teacher-led and a tour route is provided on arrival.  The tour is specially designed for your selected programme. 

Q. How can I plan my visit in advance?
A. If you would like to book a planning visit, please contact us to arrange a date.  Planning visits for teachers or Educational Visits Coordinators from schools are FREE.

Q. What should we wear?
A. While we would like you to be bathed in sunshine, we cannot guarantee the weather! We suggest that all children wear suitable raingear and appropriate shoes for their visit. 

Q. Can children dress up for a learning programme?
A. We would encourage the class to dress up in suitable costume for some of our programmes.  If you would like the children to dress up in costume, please contact us.