Ulster Folk Museum

Guidelines for visitors

Some handy tips on what you need to know when you’re here.

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Photography and Filming Policy

Visitor photography

Visitors are welcome to use their cameras around the museum to take photographs. Care should be taken not to contravene the privacy of other visitors, and in particular no identifiable images of children should be taken without parental consent.

Unless there are specific restrictions, visitors are permitted to photograph or film National Museum NI’s displayed collections for personal use, including for sharing on social media. Visitors may not use flash, a tripod, monopod or supplementary lighting.

Photography and video are not allowed in some special exhibitions, selected galleries, or of items on loan to National Museums. Where photography and video are not permitted, explanatory signage is used to inform visitors.

Drone cameras are not allowed in the museum.

Research photography

Visitors may gain permission to photograph National Museums’ stored collections for strictly personal use (e.g. research), for non-commercial, non-publication purposes, or for private study.

Please contact the curatorial department to obtain permission and arrange an appointment:

The image sales facilitates all requests for high-resolution, publication-standard images of National Museums’ collections. Please  e-mail: picture.library@nmni.com


For the protection of the exhibits, food and drinks are not permitted in the exhibit buildings. Babies’ bottles are allowed but they must be held by the parents. If you’ve brought a picnic please use the outdoor and indoor picnic tables that are provided around the site.

The Ulster Folk Museum is part of the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme and breastfeeding is allowed anywhere in the museum.

Touching objects in the Ulster Folk Museum

Protecting the museum collections is very important for both their protection now and so they remain here for future generations. This is a large part of the museum’s purpose. To help us preserve our collections we ask that you do not touch items on display as even the cleanest of hands can damage the surface of objects. 


Child supervision

Children visiting the Ulster Folk Museum must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

A child is defined as someone who is under 18 years of age.