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Steam Locomotive No. 800 'Maedb'

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Where can you see 'Maedb' on display?

In the ‘Irish Railway Collection’ at the Ulster Transport Museum, Cultra.

Which collection is 'Maedb' part of?

Rail Transport.

Why is 'Maedb' so important?

‘Maedb’ (Maeve) was one of three locomotives designed and built in 1939 at the Great Southern Railway’s Inchicore works in Dublin.












‘Maedb’, and her two sister locomotives, were named after legendary female figures in Irish mythology. They were the largest and most powerful steam locomotives to operate in Ireland. Their weight of 135 tons fully laden, normally restricted them to the Dublin-Cork main line. ‘Maedb’ entered service in July 1939 and immediately set a new record time for the Dublin to Cork service.













After running over 480,000 miles in service and achieving a highest recorded speed of 96 mph she worked her last train at Christmas 1958.

What should you look out for when you go to see 'Maedb'?

  • Stand beside the driving wheels to see just how large it is.
  • Climb into the cab to see where the driver and fireman worked.