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Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

Time needed to explore

The Ulster Folk & Transport Museum is spread over an area of more than 170 acres.

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To make the most of your visit we recommend you give yourself between 3 and 4 hours to explore all that each museum has to offer both within the galleries and on the outdoor historical site.

Here is a rough guide to how much time you should allow in order to get the most from your visit:

Folk Museum

  • Ballycultra Town 2-3 hours
  • Rural area 2-3 hours

Transport Museum

  • Irish Railway Collection 1-2 hours
  • Road Transport Galleries 1-2 hours
  • Land, Sea and Sky Galleries 1 hour

Not to be missed

When you arrive at the admissions desk you will be given a ‘What’s On Today’ sheet to help plan your days visit e.g. see basket making or blacksmithing in the Folk Museum or the Berkeley Bear trail for kids in the Transport Museum.

What to wear during your visit

As much of the Folk Museum is in a large open air site, it is recommended that sensible shoes are worn, appropriate clothingis worn for the time of year, and waterproofs are brought for potentially rainy days.

School visits

Many schools encourage their students to dress up in traditional clothing for their visit to the Museum. This helps add to the experience and makes for a great photograph to record your visit!