Location: Lecture Theatre, Ulster Museum

Day 1: 11 October 2018

1968: An Opportunity Missed?


In this session former protagonists will give short talks on their experiences of this period followed by a Q&A.

Day 2: 12 October 2018

Voices of ’68


A total of 30 key protagonists have been interviewed as part of Voices of ’68. Day 2 of the conference will involve a range of interviewees from the project reflecting on their experiences of ‘68 and discussing how this period should be remembered. Speakers to include: Paul Bew, Austin Currie, Anne Devlin, Chris McGimpsey, BrÍd Rodgers, Nelson McCausland, Paul Arthur, Henry Patterson.

Day 3: 13 October 2018

Women, 1968 and Beyond


Part 1: Women in 1968

– Key female protagonists of the time will share their experiences followed by a debate. Speakers to include: Margaret Ward, BrÍd Ruddy, Bernadette McAliskey.

Part 2: ’68 and Beyond

– The focus of this session will be on the ongoing contribution women have made to community activism and peacebuilding since 1968. Speakers to include: Eileen Weir, Kellie Turtle, Bronagh Hinds.