Ulster Museum

A Taste of Prehistory

A special three-course dining experience and sensory extravaganza

- , Fri 23 Feb 2018

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Travel back to a time BC (Before Crisps - the potato only made its way here in the 16th century), when our ancestors found their food in the landscape around them.

Your taste buds will be tickled by a three-course special menu created by our friends at Yellow Door Deli, inspired by ingredients found in Ireland in Prehistoric times. Watch this space for juicy details of the menu as they are confirmed.

Hear the call of ancient musical horns played at feasts and explore the science behind food and archaeology with a range of appropriately ancient-themed activities, including bone identification, grinding corn to create flour on a Bronze Age quern and hear about lipid analysis (what’s that you say? You’ll have to join us to find out!).

And we are delighted to announce that Dr Alice Roberts, acclaimed academic, writer and broadcaster will be your knowledgeable and entertaining host for the evening.

A night at the museum like no other....

Image: Alice Roberts - © Photo copyright University of Birmingham
Alice Roberts - © Photo copyright University of Birmingham