Bluegrass Omagh is BACK!

Celebrate 30 years of Bluegrass Omagh on 28th & 29th May 2022, and enjoy world-class tunes played by the finest American, Canadian, European, UK and Irish Bluegrass bands. It’ll be a toe-tappin’, knee-clappin’, finger-pickin’ bluegrass weekend to remember!

See our amazing line-up below and listen to our Bluegrass Omagh 2022 Spotify playlist here

Bluegrass Omagh is a music festival that values its roots. Set within the unique settings of Ulster American Folk Park, the festival plays homage to the heritage and legacy of the great waves of emigrants who left the shores of Ulster in the 18th and 19th centuries. Not just through musicianship, but through the hearty welcome, wholesome food and artisan craftwork.

Tickets on sale now. Follow the link to our website for all things Bluegrass!

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