Celtic Wave: A History of Surfing in Ireland | Ulster Transport Museum | Opening on 8th July 2022 

Surfing is a passion, a hobby, a competition. For some, it's a way of life. For others, it's a momentary escape from the bustling world. A moment that allows you to become a part of the ocean, a wave, a moving, living force of nature. Celtic Wave tells the story of these people and their passion.

‘Celtic Wave' explores the roots of surfing as a sport in Ireland. Beginning in the 1960s with a determined group of men and women, learn how surfing has grown in popularity up to the present day and about its inclusion in the Olympics.

Listen to exclusive interviews with some of the most talented surfers and shapers across the island as they tell their stories. See locally made surfboards as well as examples of more sustainable approaches to surfing equipment including elements of the exhibition itself! Get a chance to ride a jet ski and see if you can tow-in to some monster waves.

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