Collage breaks the rules - it disrupts - both by repurposing images (cutting and pasting) and by changing how we look at them and what we take away.

Collage: A Political Act explores how artists use existing images to create new works, often prompting discussion through their bold statements, choice of subject and how they voice their frustrations. With pieces spanning a hundred years this exhibition plays with the idea that collage changes how we look at images. The familiar structure of the images are broken, and as viewers we are asked to consume them differently and subsequently challenge how we look at the world around us.

Featuring recent acquisitions by international artists such as Troy Michie, and local pieces by Belfast based Joy Gerrard and Turner prize winners Array Collective -  previously ‘throwaway’ artworks are made permanent and given new meaning.

Riots (June 3rd - 8th, 1943) (2019) Troy Michie (born 1985) cut paper collage © Troy Michie.