CultureLab is a place to take a good, hard look at the cultural stereotypes that we all know surround us here in Northern Ireland. The CultureLab exhibition opens at the Ulster Museum in 2020 and will pose questions around issues of culture and identity past and present. 

Objects from National Museums NI collections will offer a glimpse into how identities have been, and continue to be, shaped in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The question is what understanding can we build around shared rights and hopes for the future?

A new interactive installation inspired by the world of Derry Girls, and created specially for the exhibition, will test visitors’ preconceptions and challenge traditional stereotypes.

Visitors will also have an opportunity to interact with the stories, hopes and aspirations of real people from across Northern Ireland and border counties, collected through participants of Making the Future engagement programmes.

Only when we look into our own past can we discover some surprising things about the symbols, identities and prejudices that have shaped our ideas about our past and our present.