We've some frighteningly fun-filled days of creepy crafts and traditional games for the whole family this Hallowe'en.

Discover folklore tales and spooky stories from times gone by.  You'll learn all about our centuries-old Hallowe'en traditions such as apple games, cabbage reading and carving turnips to keep evil spirits at bay. Don't forget to get your Hallowe'en turnip ticket so you can get turnip carving yourself at home. 

Watch out for the Rat Catcher as you wander the streets of Ballycultra town.  You might bump into the Undertaker - he'll be getting the measure of you! 

Have a go at some crab apple smashing with our friends from The Conservation Volunteers.  Hear some traditional music, see the mummers' plays and get a taste of some warming colcannon or some traditional barnbrack fresh off the griddle.

On Sunday 31st October, we'll have a special, spooky Hallowe'en murder mystery for any daring detectives to solve...

Days and times:

  • Tuesday 26th October from 10am until 4pm
  • Wednesday 27th October from 10am until 4pm
  • Thursday 28th October from 10am until 4pm
  • Friday 29th October from 10am until 4pm
  • Saturday 30th October from 11am until 4pm
  • Sunday 31st October from 11am until 4pm 
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