Our Inclusive Global Histories exhibition is the start of a journey that Ulster Museum is taking towards decolonisation, diversity and inclusion.  

Through this exhibition, Ulster Museum is re-evaluating its World Culture collection, to better understand the complex global stories of some 4,500 items - how and why they came to be in Northern Ireland, the ways in which they connect to our audiences and what the options might be for these items in the future.  

Working in partnership with others, we are re-examining our collections and sites and seeking to address racism and exclusionary practices. We will highlight and redress the injustices of the past and face up to uncomfortable truths. We acknowledge we have much further to go, but we must start somewhere. 

Through Inclusive Global Histories, we will bring marginalised voices and stories to the fore, exchange ideas and learn from others to encourage mutual respect and understanding.

Our Inclusive Global Histories exhibition is divided into three sections;    

  1. Telling stories from the past 
  2. Challenging our present
  3. Shaping our future 

Our Inclusive Global Histories exhibition will run for two years, with updates as research progresses and relationships develop. We want to hear the views of our audience on this work, and we welcome dialogue, particularly with those for whom the collections have special relevance and significance. 

Ulster Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. No booking necessary.  

Special thanks to our partners, African Caribbean Support Organisation of Northern Ireland (ACSONI), Belfast Multi-Cultural Association of Northern Ireland (BMCA), Active Citizens Engaged (ACE), Digital Benin, Devolving Restitution, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS).